Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chocoholic's Cookies

Baking is one of my passions.
I love desserts (eating them as well as making them) and cookies. All kinds. Also I like the american measurement system, with cups and spoons. I find the recipe strangely exact.

You can find this recipe here . This is one of my favorite blogs, which I look up almost everyday. They have an excellent tutorial system, with pictures, and their recipes are very mouthwatering. I have a large list of bread recipes on my to-do list.

Anyway, yesterday I baked these cookies. My pantry needed urgently a brush up, so I did that while I was in the kitchen. It's funny, I don't seem to be able to concentrate if I don't do at least two task at a time. As a resutl I forgot to add an ingredient, coffee. These cookies are delicious, they literally melt in your mouth. I still have some dough to bake today, so I'll be adding the coffee and we'll decide which version we like best.

Update, Thursday 24 July. I added the coffe. The cookies' consistency has changed, they have a firmer body and don't brake when you lift them (to put one in your mouth...) They smell a little bit like coffee. What about the taste? Coffee emphasizes the chocolate's creamy texture and cuts back on the sweetness. Definitely, it is better not to forget this ingredient. I like them better like this.