Thursday, October 9, 2008


My oven broke down. I was devastated, I simply don't understand life without an oven. Thankfully, it's been fixed, it works again... I was beginning to show withdrawal symptoms! I'm crossing my fingers not to expirience this nightmare ever again.

I had no idea these bites existed. Now I have to regret living all these past years without knowing - enjoying them. As I have read, you can fill them with grounded hazelnuts, walnuts, confiture, raisings... whatever you have in your pantry. So I found the recipe here , I had to try them right away. They're perfect for the big celebrations surrounding my birthday. When I try a new recipe, I rather make half the batch just in case something goes wrong, if we don't like it is less of a traumatic expirience, we finish them off in no time and I can quickly bake other kind of cookie... This time around it would had been better to make the whole batch, they are to die for!

Se pueden comer un poco templados o fríos. Lo que no se puede es no comerlos...