Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oatmeal Cookies

Mi middle child (dwarf #2 from now on) is studying the reproduction. Not for the first time. In ground school they insist on several themes: pollution, reproduction, ecosystems, etc. The difference this year is that he's enthusiastic about it. They've seen a movie about how fetilization takes place and he's deeply impressed. The hard journey spermatozoids preform fascinates him. He's told me everything about it, from beginning to end. The other day we were coming back from the gym and this was our conversation:

Dwarf #2: - I came in first once, if not I woundn't be here.
: - So did I
Dwarf : - but I'm Y and you are X
me: -yes, but I won also, If not I woudn't be here. We've all been champions, at least once.

In other words, he identifies himself totally with an spermatozoid. He's still just a child but you can already see the man he's wearing inside. This idea woudn't have crossed my mind in a million years. In his small head, he's an spermatozoid since he is XY, while me (woman and XX) I'm the ovule. I mean if it was carneval I know what his desguise was going to be... I have to explain to him that we're all an ovule plus an spermatozoid and that these are X or Y.

The object of this entry isn't the reproductive disgressions of an 11 years old child but these wonderful cookies. Now it's so cold (thanks to global warming...) and it's so dark outside, these littles bites come very handy. They warm the stomach and the heart. The original recipe is here to be found. I did them exactly like explained.