Thursday, January 22, 2009

Limes and Lemons

Perhaps someone out there can help me? It turns out that my mother and I have a discussion from the years I spent in Brazil: are limes and lemons the same fruit? Here are our diverging opinions:

Me: They have different names, sizes, colors and flavors (my better half declares that a caipirinha made with lemons isn't the same, it has another aroma) therefore they're different fruits.

My mother: limes are green lemons.Period.

I've researched the net. I have reached no conclusion. I still have to look it up in my Espasa (encyclopedia), wanting to end this intelectual suffering I found myself in... Meanwhile, does anyone have the answer? I'd be eternally grateful ...

So we gather again tonight for dinner. I was the cook and this was the menu:

- Russian potato and leeks soup(recipe)

- Stuffed Onions (recipe)

- Lime meringue pie (recipe)