Monday, January 12, 2009

Pine nut - marzipan cookies

These delicious bites (we call them empiñonadas in Spain) are eaten the whole year round, but they are even more typical during Christmas. Yes, I know, we still have a complete year til next Christmas, but it's now when I have the time to post this recipe. Preparing the dough both easy and quick. They just little marzipan balls covered with pine nuts. Thus the problem: getting the pine nuts to stick. Those of you with no patience, don't even try it, you'll become an urgent drive to throw everything out the window.... There goes the dare:

38 cookies

  • 250 gr. sweet raw almond meal
  • 250 gr. powdered sugar
  • 38 cl. (aprox) water
  • zest of half a lemon
  • 1 eggwhite, small
  • 255 gr. pine nuts
  • 1 egg
  1. Put almond meal and sugar on the kitchen counter. Add water little by little and knead well. We have our marzipan. Let it rest a day in the fridge.
  2. Next day, add lemon zest and eggwhite to the marzipan. Knead well. Form it into a long tube about 4 cm diameter and wrap it with foil. Let it rest in the fridge.
  3. Beat egg. Put pine nuts in a deep bowl.
  4. Cut the tube in little pieces and form them into balls.
  5. Deep each ball in egg and, immediately after, deep it in the pine nut bowl. Press so pine nuts stick.
  6. Put empiñonadas in a lined baking sheet and bake them at 210º until they star turning golden.
You have to keep them in a can or tupperware, otherwise the dry up and become hard.


Sanna said...

Hello. I like your blog a lot, because I am keen on Spanish food. I have been looking for empiñonadas recipes for a while and I am a bit confused because some of the recipes have potato in them. Do you know if they are they similar or not? I suppose I will start by trying out your recipe some time soon.

Conguito said...

Hi, Sanna! I'm glad you like my blog. Some people put potato in them to economize, since it's cheaper than almond meal. Mine have only almond meal, sugar and egg white. They have nothing to do with the ones you can buy. Let me know how they turned out. I don't translate anymore but you can find some other spanish cookies in the spanish version:
look for carajillos, rosquillas and suspiros.
Best regards

Anonymous said...

Hi. We've been trying to follow this recipe but didn't get on very well. You say add the water to the ground almonds and I'm guessing the sugar powder should be added at this stage but I think 38cl of water is far too much. We didn't add anywhere near as much as that and still ended up with a runny mess.

Conguito said...

sorry about the mess, anonymous. Yes, you're right, I forgot to put the sugar. I already added it. I just did them with the quantities I wrote, but I also wrote aproximately, so I guess less water is possible.